Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Weird... - Part 1's been 2 and a half weeks since I last posted something! That's bad...and I apologize to those of you who have been asking me and wondering where the posts have gone to. To make amends, I'm hoping to post at least three things this week (maybe more). I present to you a 3-part posting entitled "The Weird...The Wacky...The Wonderful".

So much has happened since I last posted...let me count the ways...


The Weird

1) Ronald McDonald (Scary Japanese version)
  • If you haven't read or seen my previous McDonald's posting with a video of a "beautiful" Ronald, go check it out here.
  • I stumbled across this other video just today that's promoting McDonald's. I'm not sure if it's real, but it made me laugh.

2) UFO Catchers
  • If you don't know what that is, it's basically one of those machines where you win a prize by using "THE CLAW".
Hello Kitty? Super Mario? Choose your destiny!
  • UFO Catchers are EVERYWHERE! There are buildings and arcades with rooms FILLED with these things, selling anything from candy to stuffed toys to posters.
  • In Akihabara (the electronic, nerdy part of Tokyo) I, along with another coworker, with a significant amount of money, and with the disgraceful pity of one of the employees (who made it easier and easier for us to win) won one of these each:
Super Sonico!
3) Sushi Stapler
  • The picture speaks for itself:
...but where's the wasabi?
 4) Milk Soda

  • FINALLY! Everyone's two favourite things: Milk AND Soda...TOGETHER AT LAST!
  • I drank half of this because I was thirsty. The rest of the bottle is still sitting on my fridge.

    5) Gang Fights? it couldn't be!
    • I woke up around 8am early on Sunday morning to girls shrieking outside of my apartment and sounds of a street fight. I ran out of my building looking frantically for the sounds of the commotion, when I see something on the other side of the metro line:

    •  I'll pretend the guy on the right is the "White Ranger" and the guy on the left is..."the bad guy with a scorpion face".
    • Apparently they were filming some sort of movie outside my apartment, which included a group of actors dressed in school uniforms who provided the screaming that woke me up.

    Anyways, I hope you readers continue to enjoy the posts I put up. This was a short AND random one that I just threw together, but here is a preview of some other things I'm going to be posting very soon:
    • Long weekend trip to Nikko (World Heritage Site)
    • Sumo Wrestling
    • Food!
    • Baseball in Japan
    • Fashions
    • Typhoons

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    Dasme said...

    Keep the posts coming, love reading them. I'm insanely jealous, would love to wander around Akihabara for a day or two. So much awesome there for gaming geeks :)